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All of our honeys are Pure & Unpasteurized

We offer a large selection of honey varietals to suit pretty much everyone’s palate and needs.

Honey Varietals

Mono-Floral honey . . . is honey made by honeybees that gather nectar primarily from a single variety of flower, thus giving it a unique flavour, colour and aroma.  For example, Blackberry Blossom honey is made of nectar from blackberry flowers.

Poly-Floral honey . . . is often referred to as Wildflower honey and is made of nectar from a number of varieties of flowers.

Where our honey comes from

- Local. . . We have a large selection of local honeys including our Vancouver Urban honey

- BC & Canada. . . For honeys that we do not produce locally

- International. . . Unique and classic honeys not produced in Canada

Learn more about honey, its health benefits and uses.

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For Mead Makers & Power Honey Users

Most local honeys are available in 3 kg pails

15 kg pails of some varietals can be ordered

  • Juanita Camargo Nunez

    Vancouver BC

    Their honey is A M A Z I N G and the service is A W E S O M E. You can bring your jar for refill, we love their season honey ie. Blueberry honey, what a perfection. They also carry a lot of other honey based products. We do not consume any other honey but the one we find here. Indulge yourself in a healthy way supporting local.