• 100% Pure & Natural

  • Raw

  • Cleans
    the Air

  • Made in Canada

Beeswax candles create a warm glow that helps clean the air and lighten your mood.

Honeybees produce natural beeswax and mold it into honeycomb to store fresh honey that they make in the hive.  This gives beeswax a warm sweet aroma which is the natural scent people love about pure beeswax candles. Beeswax is the best fuel for candles because beeswax candles burn longer and brighter than any other candle.  Not only to they burn clean with no toxins, they also help clean and purify the air by generating negative ions.

Main Street Honey Shoppe sells 100% pure beeswax candles and 100% pure beeswax blocks. Beeswax is a natural, renewable resource that has a number of uses, including waxing toboggans to fine furniture, natural skin care products, making smokeless candles that actually clean the air, or for your favourite DIY project.

Our Beeswax Products

  • 100% Pure Beeswax Candles

    - Beeswax Tea Light and Votive candles

    - Beeswax Pillar candles (plain and stylized pillars)

    - Beeswax Taper candles

    - Beeswax Sculptured candles

    Beeswax candles are sometimes referred to as “Honey Candles”

  • 100% Pure Beeswax

    - 100% Pure Beeswax Blocks for your DIY projects

    - Available in a range of sizes

  • Beeswax Products

    - Beeswax Polishes and Protectors

    - Beeswax based Natural Skin Care products

    - Beeswax Food Wrap

  • Louise Stevens

    Vancouver BC

    Really quality beeswax with a variety of candles and honey. Staff is friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable! Very cool place to check out, great place for a unique gift