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Honey Gift Treats Available

Honey Sampler Gift Packs

Sampler packs makes a great gift that people will actually use and enjoy!

  • Sample 3 x 140g jars of pure unpasteurized honey
  • Sample 6 x 29g jars of pure unpasteurized honey (seasonal availability)

Raw Honeycomb

  • Honey as raw as it gets . . . packaged by the bees !

Honey Stix

Makes a delicious and nutritious snack! Choose from either pure honey varieties or clover honey with natural flavours added.

Pure honey varieties include:

Clover, Wildflower, Orange Blossom, Blackberry, Buckwheat honeys

Clover with natural flavouring include:

Pink lemonade, root beer, caramel, lemon, lime, mango, watermelon, sour cherry, cinnamon, amaretto, and more