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Raw Honey contains all of nutrients and benefits that honey is famous for

. . . whereas some “processed” honey may have lost much of its nutrient value and health benefits.

What is “Raw” Honey?

There is no legal definition of “raw” honey and the term “raw” takes on a slightly different definition depending who is talking about it.

The National Honey Board (in the US) defines raw honey as “honey as it exists in the beehive or as obtained by extraction, settling or straining without adding heat.” The most common variations to this definition specify either no filtering, or gentle warming to temperatures typically seen in a bee hive from 35 – 42C.

The two most significant factors in degrading the beneficial qualities found in raw honey is the application of excessive heat and filtering.  At high temperatures, enzymes in honey are deactivated and volatile aromatic compounds are lost.  Excessive filtering (smaller than 50 microns) removes much or all of the nutrient rich pollen in the honey.

Our Raw Bottled Honey

No Heating or Filtering – We use a settling tank that allow bits of wax and bee parts to float to the top.  The honey is then poured off from the bottom of the tank thus providing an unfiltered honey that is largely free of visible particles.

Our “Raw” Honey

  • Honeycomb
  • Fraser Valley Wildflower honey
  • Vancouver Urban honey
  • Seasonal varieties (limited supply)