Bees in the City Program

The genesis of our Bees in the City program was a combination of our new Vancouver customers requesting “local Vancouver” honey and our desire to support our new community.

By keeping our own honeybee colonies in the city year round, we could help the honeybee population, promote a greener city through pollination of our parks & gardens, and produce delicious local Vancouver Urban honey.

Beekeeping in the City

We have colonies at a number of locations in Vancouver, from East Van to Kits to the Main Street area of south Vancouver.  We locate from 2 to 10 colonies per location, in yards, parks and gardens.  Each location produces its own urban honey variety with distinct colour, flavour and aroma from the local flowers.

Raw Vancouver Urban Honey

Enjoy a taste of a neighborhood near you.  We gather and extract honey from each neighborhood separately.  This provides unique small batch raw honey that will never be exactly the same twice.  

Working with Local Partners

We are partnering with Bloedel Conservatory, located in Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, to provide honeybee colonies that not only help to pollinate the local park, but provide a viewing and educational experience for their thousands of visitors each year.  

Side Benefits

Our staff get introduced to the fascinating world of the honeybee!

See Bees in the City Blog for what’s happening with our bees