We’re all about...

Bringing Healthy Bee Products from the Hive... to our Customers!
Main Street Honey Shoppe is dedicated to bring Healthy Honeybee products “From the Honey Farm to the City”.

Our passion is bringing the health benefits of honey and natural honeybee health products to our customers, through education and great natural honeybee products of known origin.

We pride ourselves at providing a large variety of high quality honey and natural honeybee products. Our products are sourced wherever possible from producers we know, local when available, international when necessary. We gather the latest health information and train our staff so that our customers receive friendly knowledgeable service, and the best variety of high quality products.

Our Honey Shoppe

You can taste a variety of local honeys, or try exotic honeys from Europe, Africa, New Zealand and beyond.

When you enter our Honey Shoppe, the first thing you will notice is the sweet aroma of honey and beeswax that permeates throughout. Your stress level from the outside world immediately lowers a couple of notches.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff introduce you to the health benefits of our wide selection of natural bee products. Finally, the honey tasting . . . how sweet it is!

Take your time, unwind and enjoy a delicious espresso drink or one of our over 30 varieties of organic loose leaf tea and maybe one of our honey treats too.

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Watch Our Videos

A look inside our Honey Shoppe
Watch our “Bees In The City” at Bloedel Conservatory.
Honey Shoppe bees foraging in blackberry flowers.

Our Neighbourhood

Our Main Street Honey Shoppe is part of the vibrant Main Street neighborhood in Vancouver, BC.

The Main Street neighborhood has a wide variety of eclectic and novel shops which makes it a unique and an exciting place to visit for shopping, eating, and entertainment.

It was recently named to the top 15 “Cool Streets” in North America in Cushman &  Wakefield’s Cool Streets 2016 edition and assigned the “up and coming” rating on the study’s “Hip-O- Metre”.

We think we fit right in!

Our Mission


Provide a wide selection of healthy honeybee products

  • Wide selection of local and exotic specialty honeys
  • Apitherapy products for health and nutrition
  • Natural body care products
  • 100% pure beeswax candles

Know the source to ensure high quality products

  • Produce our own products locally
  • Work with local suppliers where possible
  • Provide international products for selection of products not produced locally

Support for Community and Environment

  • Practice environmentally sustainable beekeeping – promote bee health and pollination of local parks and gardens
  • Provide public education for the importance of honeybees and the health benefits of bee products
  • Provide options for a greener city with zero waste packaging options
  • Support fundraising for local schools and community groups