Creamed Honey

You can spread it on your toast . . .   and it won’t run off !!

Honey is a super-saturated sugar solution that in time forms coarse crystals.

Creamed honey, aka “Whipped honey” or “Ice honey”, is made from pure liquid honey through a controlled crystallization process to produce very fine uniform crystals, thus resulting in a creamy smooth consistency. Our creamed honey is unpasteurized, has nothing added, and has the same nutritional value as its liquid counterpart.

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New Zealand

  • Manuka
  • Pohutukawa
  • Black Current
  • Thyme


  • Lavender

Peace River, BC, Canada

  • Creamed Clover


  • Tasmanian Leatherwood

Available in 3 kg pails

  • Creamed clover honey is available in 3 kg pails

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