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It’s nice to meet you, we are Main Street Honey Shoppe.

You are invited to our Honey Shoppe on Main Street in Vancouver where you’ll discover a selection of quality honey and healthy honeybee products that we bring fresh from the farm to the city.

We have been making honey for over 15 years. We are a natural “colony” of Honeybee Centre, a producer of local specialty honey.

You can now enjoy 100% Vancouver urban honey which is made by our bees as part of our Bees in the City program. In addition, you can also purchase other artisanal honeys that we import from around the world.

Our Honey Products

Enjoy a wide selection of natural honeys that are unpasteurized, plus a variety of raw honeys, which are unfiltered and unheated.

Pure Liquid Honey

  • Local BC: Berry Blossom honeys (including Blueberry, Raspberry and Cranberry), Fireweed, Wildflower
  • Canadian: Clover, Borage, Buckwheat
  • International: Orange Blossom, Tasmanian Leatherwood, Manuka, and more

Creamed Honey

  • Creamed Clover honey
  • Seasonal favourites including creamed Lavender honey

Raw Honey

  • Honeycomb
  • Raw Fraser Valley wildflower
  • Raw Vancouver Urban honey

Infused Honey

  • Infused honeys – Cinnamon, Ginger
  • Special Seasonal infusions

Honey Gift Treats

  • Honey Stix
  • Honey Gift Packs

Medicinal Honey

  • Medi Honey for wound care
  • Manuka honey for antibacterial properties

How to Buy

Always know where your natural honey bee products come from!

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Shop at our 2 Vancouver Honey Shoppe locations – on Main Street and Shipyards.

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You can easily order a selection of our products in our online store.

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Health Benefits of Honey

Natural Energy Source

Honey is a great natural energy source especially for physical performance and fitness.

Wound Care

Honey is nature’s wound healing ointment.

Hay Fever Allergy Relief

Raw local honey is used to relieve Hay fever allergy symptoms.

Aids Digestion

Honey helps digestion and gastrointestinal health because of the presence of active enzymes and polysaccharides that act as pre-biotics.

Relief of Coughs & Sore Throats

Buckwheat honey has been shown to be helpful in relieving coughs and sore throats.

What Our Customers Say

Love love this store!!! I needed some Manuka Honey and grabbed a bar of Manuka soap as well. It has antimicrobial properties that make it great for treating sensitive areas.She suggested not taking anymore than a teaspoon at a time internally. Really, really wanted some of the Cinnamon infused Honey I picked up at the German Market, but it is HIGHLY addictive.

Bridget S.

Vancouver BC

With helpful sales staff and at least one who has previous beekeeping knowledge, it’s an educational experience shopping at the Main Street Honey Shoppe. My favourite is the Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey and local varieties are tasty, too.

Czarina Gutierrez

Super cute interior! The ladies working there were very friendly and helpful. They have an insanely clean washroom and when I walked by, I saw another girl making fresh scones. All of their honey is local and non pasteurized. Overall great place, would come again!

Shelly L.

Vancouver BC